Child Ivory EP

by Child Ivory

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released September 16, 2016

Additional instrumentation by Ben Meyer, Sebastian Meyer.
Backing vocals in Afterglow by Brooke Hansen and Lauren Porter.
Rhetoric and Sedentary Glow produced by Chris Bennion and Cat Leavey.
Edge of the World produced by Robbie Connolly
Afterglow produced by Corey Crellin
Phases produced by Caleb Darger



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Child Ivory Provo, Utah

Dream pop band from Provo, UT.

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Track Name: Rhetoric
So warm tonight but you're so cold in your connection
I felt your memory fade in my recollection
You said don’t let your fire, you let your fire die

Let it go
It’s just rhetoric
I’ve got a lot to say
Can you take it all in?

When I look in your eyes I know
When I look in your eyes I know you know

Let it go
Can you take it all in?

I’m not giving up if you’re feeling love again
I know I’ll find a way
It’s all the same if you’re feeling love again
I know I’ll find a way

When I look in your eyes I know
When I look in your eyes I know you know
Track Name: Edge of the World
I don't want to do this to you
I don't have no other eyes for any other girl
But what can we do?
Now I'm on the other edge of the world

I'm back here I'm picking up where I left off
You're back there you're staying right where your head's soft

It's not just the distance that's tearing us apart
It's tearing at my heart to say there's no future with us
I know it from the start, it was never in my heart to stay

So innocent, how did it come to this?
We were just chasing the sun
Oh, how I know we all love to be loved
Nothing new for you
Track Name: Afterglow
From way up here I can see the heavens
Majesty if you could be where I've been
I don't know why I try

Milky white, Orion right in my view
Golden Thread, I thought I'd never find you
I don't know why I cried walking home late that night

Where did you go?

If I were young then I could understand it
But I can feel, I know it's real, you planned it
I don't know why it hurts when I've seen so much worse

No one wants to think or talk about it
But I can't let it go now that I found it
I don't know why it's hard, you didn't break my heart
Track Name: Phases
We're going down
So foreign now, shovel and plow

We're calling out
Rain pouring down

Caught up in phases, all standing out
Ten thousand faces all gnash and shout
Tied up your laces, I'm calling out

We're slowing down
It's showing now
Track Name: Sedentary Glow
If you knew what I carry
You'd be the one to run
This timeless curse won't let me be
Like I'm the only one

It's coming after me

Don't come closer, keep from me
I'll be the only one sipping poison by degrees
Better that I die young

Is there a right time?

It's getting harder now to feel
But I don't want to know
Was it ever even real?
My sedentary glow